How's My Kitty?
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MAX & LEXI (VISIT) Entry for December 30, 2006
Again, both kitties were at the door upon my arrival to greet me and
say hello! Max had a lot on his mind, because he was meowing and being
very vocal - he was so cute! Something told me Max was asking for his
wet food, which I immediately gave to both of them. While they ate, I
changed out their water, replenis was more interested in playtime
with the wand toy, so I got that forhed their dry food, and cleaned out
their litter box. All looked normal. I then coaxed both kitties to the
living room by offering the brush, and Lexi was first in line! I
brushed her for a long time - she purred the whole time. She even
rolled on her back and let me rub her belly - I think she was in
heaven! I also brushed Max, but I think he loves his toys more. Max loves his toys, and like yesterday, Lexi looked on with wide eyes, taking it all in. I had so much fun with these two again today, I didn't want to leave. But when
it was time to go, I gave them both a final scratch behind their ears,
and left some treats out for them. Hope all is well for you!
2006-12-31 19:09:21 GMT