How's My Kitty?
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SUSHIE, Entry for December 30, 2006
Goodmorning guys! Hope you had a nice flight to LA this morning. You got out just in time as it started raining and is quite gloomy and overcast today. Sooshie is settling in nicely. She snuggled under the covers with Chris last night then switched to me at some point:)  She wasn't too thrilled with the rain soaked ground this morning and opted for just a short walk and headed back for the house. After that she had a treat and her breakfast - and kept looking at me for more. So I gave her a tad extra and then a bone to chew on which she's been enjoying now for over an hour. I let the kitties out to meet her too, and everybody's doing very well. Sooshie could care less about them - and just looks up occassionally as if to say "What?" then goes back to chewing.  The cats can't quite make out why she's so nonchlant:) So.. everybody's fine - and when I go out to look after the cats, Chris and Grandma will be here, so she'll have plenty of attention.  xxx LH
2006-12-31 17:48:45 GMT