How's My Kitty?
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KOOPA, Entry for December 30, 2006
Little Koopa was right near the door again, but didn't even make an

effort to dash out. After greeting me with very loud meows, she nuzzled

my hands as if to say "Hurry up and pet me already!" How could I

resist this cutie! I sat on the couch and gave her all the snuggling

she wanted, then I went into the kitchen.  We're out of wet food, so she'll have to wait for that treat until your return. But, I added a couple of extra treats to her dish and I'm sure she liked it just as much! After she

nibbled on a treat or two, Koopa followed me into the living room

again. There we had a ball with her cat dancer! She flopped around on

her back like a fishie, trying to give the cardboard end a good whack!

I can't believe tomorrow's our last day already!
2006-12-31 17:08:24 GMT