How's My Kitty?
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KATZE (VISIT) Entry for December 30, 2006
Katze was there to greet me when I came in this morning, maybe even expecting me as I arrived at my usual time. I pet him and went to directly to the kitchen. Katze's bowl was a little more than halfway empty with the crumbs left from her eating, so I filled it up with fresh food and gave her fresh water. She was waiting by the couch for me again, so I sat down and Katze came up to lay down beside me and snuggle while we watched TV. She didn't seem very excited to play today, but I was alright with just petting and cuddling with her, because she really seemed to enjoy it! I really like Katze, she is a sweetie!! Hope all is well for you!
2006-12-31 07:42:32 GMT