How's My Kitty?
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JD AND JACKS (VISIT) Entry for December 30, 2006
JD was sitting on top of the couch, nestled in the cushion, when I came in, and Jacks came running up to greet me. I gave both cats a couple treats from the cookie jar, and filled up their food and water, which were both about halfway down. Then I sat down on the couch and JD didn't seem to mind, and Jacks was climbing all over me. How cute!!! I turned on the TV and let JD sniffed my hand then pet him a little, until he seemed like he might be getting annoyed by me. Jacks on the other hand won't let me stop petting him for even a second! It was adorable - when I turned on the TV I turned right to the Discovery Channel and Jacks perked up a couple times at the sounds of the birds! It was so funny to watch!! When it was time to go, I was sorry to leave them, but I must say that they are two very great little kitties! Cheers!
2006-12-31 07:41:05 GMT