How's My Kitty?
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JASPER AND FUZZ (VISIT) Entry for December 30, 2006
Unfortunately, today was my last visit with my new friends. They both greeted at the door when I came him and looked fantastic. I completely refreshed their litter and vacuumed the carpet in the entrance corridor. Fuzz didn't like the vacuum noise and ran under the bed, his favorite hiding spot. Jasper, the brave guy, wasn't disturb and supervised my job. Good sign: they still eating and drinking well and there were no accidents to be found on the floor today. Afterwards he went on his cushion on the sofa so we watched a little TV but he wasn't in the mood to be brush today. Fuzz came back on the bed and let me pet him. His purr told me how he was content. When I turned off the TV, Jasper went back to join Fuzz on the bed. Before I left, I wished them a happy new year and they seemed perfectly relaxed and comfortable. I am going to miss them!!
Hope you had a safe trip back and wish you a healthy and successful new year. :)
2006-12-31 07:38:04 GMT