How's My Kitty?
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MAX & MINI (VISIT) Entry for December 29, 2006
Max and Mini both came to the door to greet me today! Max was meowing
loudly, but Mini was standing her ground with a few hisses. She came
around quickly though, and before I knew it, she allowed me to pet her on the head, and scratch behind her ears. I moved into the kitchen to check out
their food and water. The small bowl of kibble had been emptied, and the
other two bowls had been grazed upon as well, so I went ahead and replenished their food and refreshed their water. At this time, I offered Max two Aquari-Yums, but Mini was not interested. I decided to go upstairs and check out the litter boxes, which were both full and in need of cleaning, just after one day! It is great to see the food and litter are both going well. I cleaned both out so the kitties had fresh boxes, and took out the
trash with me when I left too. I left Soundscapes on for these too, to keep
them company until your return tomorrow. It has really been a pleasure
meeting and nannying for Max and Mini - thanks for the opportunity to
care for your two kitties!
2006-12-30 19:27:38 GMT