How's My Kitty?
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MAX & LEXI (VISIT) Entry for December 29, 2006
For once, both kitties were at the door upon my arrival, meowing
loudly!! It was a nice change to see them both right away! They proceeded to follow me around the apartment, insistent that I feed them immediately, so I
succumbed to their pleas. They devoured their lunch quickly and with much gusto. These guys were hungry! They followed me into the livingroom, and I brushed both of them until they were satisfied. We then played withthe wand toy. Max LOVES this toy - he was flipping around and jumping and pouncing on it. Lexi is more of a spectator during this time, staring at us wide-eyed,
really getting a kick out of watching Max jump and pounce. I honestly didn't
want to leave, I was having so much fun myself, watching these guys play. I
bid them farewell, and told them I'd see them again tomorrow, for another
round of lunch and playtime. Hope you are having a great time on your trip!
2006-12-30 19:24:02 GMT