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KOOPA (VISIT) Entry for December 29, 2006
I think Koopa knew it was me when I came up the stairs because she was meowing already! I kept my bag at kitty level in case she tried to made a break for it, but Koopa didn't even try! As soon as I came in I kneeled down to let her sniff me. Koopa skipped the formality and jumps right into my lap and kissed me nose! I don't know if I have met a friendlier cat! After that I went to the bathroom to turn on the bathtub as I freshened her litter. You were right about water and Koopa! She hopped right in! When she was done splashing and I was done cleaning, I fixed Koopa her dry food. Instead of eating it right away, she just wanted to follow me around the house! :) We played with the tiger striped feather wand, which she just had a ball with! She made the funniest little faces when she tried to bat it. I can't wait to cuddle more with her tomorrow!
2006-12-30 19:19:39 GMT
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Sounds like she had a fun day! Thanks for taking care of her.
2006-12-30 22:30:15 GMT
She is the friendlist kitty in the world!
2006-12-30 22:31:35 GMT