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ISIS AND NAMI (AM AND PM VISITS) Entry for December 29, 2006
Surprise, surprise...Nami knocked over her food dish! At least there wasn't much to pick up. :) I moved her food dish from the top of the fridge to the counter top, we'll see how that works out. The three of us played with the feather wand for a bit. Nami really liked when she would jump up on it, hold on to it with all of her paws, and I would slightly lift it in the air. Even though Isis was a little uninterested, I kept dangling the feather wand in front of her face. She batted at it in little attacks, then scurried off. After we were done Isis went back to eating while Nami stretched on the counter top. I can't wait to see them tonight! :)

The girls must have been thirsty because they finished up all of their water. As I filled their water dish and fixed dinner, Nami made little chirping meows at me that could only mean, "Hurry up!" Isis, as usual, was already waiting near the stairs meowing, not so silently, for her food. After they ate, Isis came up to me for some cuddle time while Nami gave herself a bath. It's so cute how when Isis starts to purr, she ends up licking her little paw. Nami and I played out little game of "catch" with the purple and green mini tennis ball. When she was tired she joined Isis on the rug near the door flopping around on her back. I'm going to be so sad when you come back and I have to leave them!! Hope you are having a great trip!
2006-12-30 19:17:28 GMT