How's My Kitty?
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ROXANNE AND RILEY (VISIT) Entry for December 29, 2006
I think both Roxanne and Riley know me now! I always get fantastic greetings. Riley started purring and rolling over as soon as I walked in.Roxanne was there but somewhat hanging in the background. When I put the fresh wet food in the dishes they really didnt seem too interested in eating. They
are more interested in being stroked and combed and having some human
interaction than food at this point. We played with the toy on the string and some fur mice that were in the little basket. I combed Riley today, but Roxanne just isn't too interested in being combed. They are doing fine and look very well, but I am sure they will be really happy when you guys get home. Riley purrs up a storm!! Have a safe flight! I will visit tomorrow and Sunday, but if anything changes and you need me to stop by on Monday, just let me know! Hope everything is well!
2006-12-30 08:19:26 GMT