How's My Kitty?
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KOLA & MIKESCH (VISIT) Entry for December 28, 2006
Both of these crazy kitties ran immediately out of the front door upon
my entering. They love to explore new places, even if it is only the
enclosed front porch! Tonight was wet food night so they were both extremely happy when they heard the can open, running full speed to the kitchen. They both jumped on the counter, waiting anxiously for dinner. While they enjoyed the wet food, I cleaned the litter, changed out the water bowls & filled the dry food bowls. After dinner we spent a good amount of time in the living room, mostly me trying to brush them, "trying" the key word here as they would definitely rather play with the brush! So, that's what we did - between Mikesch running like the wind up & down the hall, through the cat tunnel & up the cat tree, Kola & I played with the brush & the ever popular bulgy-eyed quivering toy. I left out some cat treats in kitchen for the pair & wished them each a goodnight. These kitties are such sweethearts!!
2006-12-29 18:52:04 GMT