How's My Kitty?
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SAM (VISIT) Entry for December 28, 2006
Upon entering Sam's home he was nowhere to be seen. I found Sam at the top
of the stairs, waiting patiently. I spent some time with Sam, brushing and petting him, which he seems to thoroughly enjoy. After a while I gently picked Sam up and placed him on the towel in the bathroom. I had prepared the meds ahead of time so there would be no fussing about, making the med experience go as quickly as possible for Sam. He took his meds like a trooper, with very little objection. As soon as the meds are administered Sam likes to run off, which is ok. It is not the most pleasant experience for him. So, I took this opportunity to refresh his food and water, leave a plate of wet food, and cleaned his litter, which has had very little bowel movements. l I assume because of the stress of being without Mom & Dad. No worries! I'm sure everything will be back to normal for Sam in a couple of days. I bid farewell to little Sam until tomorrow. Hope you are having a great trip!
2006-12-29 18:50:44 GMT