How's My Kitty?
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MAX & MINI (VISIT) Entry for December 28, 2006
Max immediately came to greet me upon entering his home. What an
affectionate cat! Here I am, a total stranger, and I couldn't have been
any more friendly! Max lied on his side as I pet him, which made my
introduction. Mini came out to greet me, not quite as enthusiastically
as Max as she seemed a bit leery of new company. She eventually let me pet
her a bit from underneath the dining room table. After our initial meeting
I changed out the water, refreshed the food bowls, and cleaned the litter
boxes upstairs. The bedroom to the back of the home seems to be a
favorite cat hang out - Max made himself very comfortable, lying on the carpet and feeling very comfortable with me taking care of him. I gave him a
couple of Aquari-yums, which he enjoyed & left a couple on the counter for Mini to eat later. After I spent some time with Mini, she darted off down the hall and found a good hiding place somewhere. I called her name but to no avail. I wished each a goodnight until tomorrow! What great cats!!
2006-12-29 18:45:25 GMT