How's My Kitty?
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JAIKIE AND BENTLY (VISIT) Entry for December 28, 2006
I came into the house and Bently was there to greet me in the living room! I'm so glad he is such a friendly little kitty! He was a bit timid at first but warmed up to me after I let him sniff my hand, he let me pet him a little. The cats had finished their wet food from earlier and I replaced both plates with fresh food, then changed the water. I shook the dried chicken, and offered Bently one. Then I went to look for Jaikie. Jaikie was hiding under the bed in the master bedroom when I found her. I tried shaking the dried chicken container and talking nice but she was good at hiding from me and not interested in getting to know me. I have high hopes that Jaikie will warm up to me tomorrow. :) Until then, all is well here!
2006-12-29 07:46:47 GMT