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ISIS AND NAMI (AM AND PM VISITS) Entry for December 28, 2006
I think Isis and Nami missed me on my day off because they were both waiting for me in front of the door! Nami hopped up on the glass table and stretched out her little paws begging me to pick her up. I very happily obliged! I set her down on the counter while I prepared breakfast. Isis gave me little chirping "Hello!," but it was probably "Food!" I filled their dishes and freshened the water. While Isis happily munched on breakfast Nami and I played with the rainbow wand. Isis joined us for a bit, batting at the wand then running off. At one point the wand got wrapped Nami's tale. She looked so surprise, then attacked it! Isis watched the whole scene as she flopped around on her back! :) I just love these girls!! Thank you so much for the card! You are too sweet!

I think the girls were napping upstairs because it took them a little longer than usual to come into the kitchen. I'm so happy to see that Nami didn't knock over her food dish. I took your suggestion by only filling it a little bit just in case she did it again. I sat down on the futon with the ping pong and watch Nami go crazy! Every time it bounce, she would try and jump with it! When Isis was done eating she snuggled up on the futon with me and watched Nami play. Until tomorrow! :)
2006-12-29 07:33:21 GMT