How's My Kitty?
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MAX AND LEXI ( VISIT ) Entry for December 27, 2006
As soon as I entered Max was at the door to greet me! He was very
vocal, meowing and purring as if to say "thank you for coming over, now let's
eat!" Lexi came running out of the bedroom and into the kitchen as soon as she heard me open the wet food packet. Both kitties ate their lunch ravenously. In the living room I noticed the basket with the cat toy wands had been knocked over - I think this was a hint - they love to play with the wand toys. So, after lunch, both kitties met me in the living room where upon Max went straight after the wand toy i was holding - running at it and pouncing on it. He is really a good little hunter! After he tired of running and jumping around, he lied on his back and batted at the wand. He is really cute when he does this! Lexi sat wide-eyed observing all th antics. I gave each a
good brushing. Lexi really enjoys this part of the visit! She purred away as
I brushed her. After I changed the water fountain and cleaned the litter
box I wished each a good day until tomorrow! Cheers!
2006-12-28 21:54:27 GMT