How's My Kitty?
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SULLY, REILLY AND DOTTIE (VISIT) Entry for December 27, 2006
Sully met me at the door again today and all three kitties were
excited to have a treat. Reilly and Dottie played with me a lot. I
waved the cat charmer around and they were both following it around.
Dottie is so cute how she climbs up in the cat apartment. She seems to
love it the most of all the cats! Dottie got on my lap and I pet her a
lot. She is shedding like crazy! She was very content to let me
scratch her alot. Then after she got down, Reilly wanted a chance to
sit in my lap too. He was very cuddly, which I hadn't expected, because he
is usually the most fiesty and playful of the three. Sully never got
in my lap, because he was hanging out on the big furry white rug. When I
left all the kitties seemed happy. :)
2006-12-28 06:29:59 GMT