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PIXEL AND RASCAL (VISIT) Entry for December 27, 2006
Today Pixel was eager for pets once again while Rascal hid from me until I found him under your bed. I was happy that when I found him, and called for him, he came to me right away and was happy to be pet also. I stayed there with him until he was purring to be sure that he was comfortable enough to want to eat his food. Once I gained his trust, he followed me into the kitchen but did not eat his wet food. After a few minutes, I warmed it up for a few seconds but that didn't seem to make much of a difference. Pixel on the other hand knew what she had coming the whole time! As I walked to the bedroom with her food, she meowed and walked with me and started eating right away. I closed the door for about 10 minutes. When I opened the door, she was still eating but then wanted to be let out so I opened the gate and pet her for a while. These are truly some really sweet cats! Well, Rascal didn't want to eat so I left his food out. Pixel finished most of her food but for fear that Rascal may eat her leftovers, I threw out what was left. There were no accidents in the house and they both seemed content and happy when I left. One funny thing I did want to mention was that when I was leaving, Pixel was on the tree near the living room window and Rascal was laid out on the living room floor, but when they both noticed the garbage bag I was carrying, they ran out of the room! Can't wait to see them tomorrow!
2006-12-28 06:28:46 GMT