How's My Kitty?
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AMBER (AM AND PM VISITS) Entry for December 27, 2006
AM :
Amber was right at the door meowing when I came in this morning. She must be quite hungry cause she didn't talk until I gave her breakfast and she ate all her food. What a good girl !!
While I was cleaning her plate the tricky girl took the feather and dragged it into her water bowl.Of course I changed the water another time for this morning. Everything was fine with Amber and when I left the apartment she followed me to the door. I told her " Don't worry I'll be back tonight!"

PM :
Tonight it wasa grooming party in Amber place ! As I came she welcomed me with Little meow and didn't stop to rub her head on my legs so I decided to brush and pet her for more than 20 minutes. She loved that! After dinner we sat on the sofa and she put her head on me and start to purr. It was a magic moment :) Also tonight she found a new game! She tried to catch my pencil while I was writing, so funny !!! I am really pleased to be able to share those moments with her and her happy tail showed me that she felt the same. Everything is great here!
2006-12-28 06:28:13 GMT