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SNOWFLAKE AND SPRINKLES (VISIT) Entry for December 27, 2006
Today, when I arrived, the cable box had fallen over
beside the tv. Yesterday, while I was over, Sprinkles
jumped up on the box and was sitting on it. I suspect
that Sprinkles was up there sometime between yesterday
and today and knocked the box over. I put it back up
on the tv and checked the wires. Everything seemed
okay and the cable worked fine, so I don't think there
was any damage done, but I just wanted to make sure you were aware incase you find problems in the future. Both Snowflake and Sprinkles were very
good today. They ate all their food and then hung out
in the living room with me. As usual, Sprinkles was
very friendly, meowing away and wanting to be petted
and snuggled. Snowflake was aloof, hanging around and
watching. All is well here!!
2006-12-28 06:27:02 GMT