How's My Kitty?
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ROXANNE & RILEY, Entry for December 26, 2006

Jill reports that she stopped by late on the way home from the airport to take care of Roxanne & Riley.  They were just fine but quite hungry and led her straight to the kitchen when she arrived. There was no food in their bowls, neither wet nor dry and just a bit of water left. So we cannot say whether your neighbor came yesterday or not. She fed them right away and they wolfed down all the wet food immediately so she set down another can for them - as well as filling their bowl with the dry and and giving them fresh water.  She doesn't want you to worry though and wanted me to tell you that apart from being a little hungry they were friendly and in good spirits. They should be fine from now on of course with Jill coming everyday.

2006-12-27 19:11:58 GMT