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TIGER LILY AND BAGHERA (VISIT) Entry for December 26, 2006
All was quiet when I stepped into the apartment. Nothing had been
stirred or knocked over as it was a couple nights ago. Both Tiger Lily
and Baghera were nowhere in sight - this of course is completely par
for the course. I checked under the bed & sure enough, there were
a pair of eyes peering back at me; it was Tiger Lily. I tried to coax
her out with the chirping wand toy & a gentle voice, but to no avail. Oh
well. I did notice a lump on the bed under the top blanket I hadn't noticed
before. I lifted the blanket and there was Baghera! He hissed at me but
did let me pet him a bit before making his way to the other side of the
bed. I bid both of these shy creatures a goodnight & pleasant dreams while I went to tend to the food and the litter, which is all doing great! Cheers!
2006-12-27 17:43:55 GMT