How's My Kitty?
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ONYX AND GRACIE (VISIT) Entry for December 26, 2006
( Joe here, subbing for Laurie!) Tonight I stopped by to say hello to Onyx and Gracie, and to see how they were doing. All was well at their house, and Onyx was even waiting by the back door to say hello when I came in. He was so friendly, and let me pet him right away. Though I looked high and low, with Onyx by my side, I wasn't able to get a glimpse of Gracie. Onyx went with me, room by room, as if he were helping me search for her. We called for her and even tried tempting her with some toys, to no avail. So Onyx and I played a bit with the string toy. He is such a beautiful, sweet guy. He even stood up a bit on his back legs, asking to be petted - how cute!
2006-12-27 17:39:40 GMT