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MAX & LEXI (VISIT) Entry for December 26, 2006
Tonight was my first meeting with Max & Lexi and what a pleasure it
was to meet them! They came to greet me as soon as I entered the
apartment. As I made my introduction to them, Max made these very
cute squawking sounds that were extremely high-pitched! I had to laugh
every time he did this! Thier food bowls were empty so I knew they
must be hungry. I immediately filled their bowls where upon they went
right after their food. While they ate I cleaned the litter box & refilled
the water fountain. After dinner we went into the living room for some fun
with the laser pointer. They both LOVE this toy! It was so hilarious to
see them both chasing the red dot around the room. This was good because
not only did it relieve some of the montony of the day, but also
provided some good exercise for both of them. We also played with the wand toy; Max seemed to really like this one as he was swatting & chasing it
around the living room. I'm looking forward for more fun with these two
tomorrow! Hope all is well!
2006-12-27 17:37:37 GMT