How's My Kitty?
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MYSTERY & MIMI, Entry for December 26, 2006
( Blog for Dec. 25 ) Sorry for the delay. It was so busy over the weekend. Both your kitties were very interested in me when I came in and followed me right into the kitchen. They really are absolutely beautiful and I can barely tell them apart except for the Mystery's white toe.  Mimi was the most sociable and LOVED it when I was talking to her while checking on the food bowls and water. She responded right back, in kind to everything I said. Really funny:) They'd eaten a fair amount out of the bowls you left, but I just topped them off anyway and freshed their water.  They were also very playful, especially Mimi , and in good spirits. I could tell they didn't want me to leave.
2006-12-27 15:23:24 GMT