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BRUNO & GOLDIE, Entry for December 26, 2006

( includes blog for the 25th).  I've been having such fun looking after these two. They are just too hilarious together. When I came in on the 25th, they came scrambling up the stairs to greet me and followed me to the kitchen to get out my notes and settle in. Then they helped me check the tree for water and sat up on the window sill watching. When I pulled the dip stick out, the red ball at the end caught their attention and both couldn't get enough of trying catch it. So we had plenty of fun with that for awhile. Then upstairs we went to check the food. They made a big mess again which I needed to tidy up - but good thing is, they're eating Very well. They followed me downstairs like puppies to clean the litter and both promptly climbed inside to take care of busniess as soon as I finished. lol. - always the case. But I was able to see that Bruno still has a bit of blood in his stool, though not as much as yesterday. Last night ( the 26th) I brought my son with me to help and they both got a long brush. The fur under their chins gets tangled so easily - especially after they drink water. Gave both a squirt of shampoo on their bottoms ( Bruno needed it the most ) which they didn't appreciate much and wiped them off a bit. Bruno has some matting in this area, but I wasn't able to get them all out with the brush. I'll need to bring a comb tomorrow to work on these. They both took to my son and crawled up in his lap together and he was in heaven with these little fluff balls. Looks like the electrican was there today working hard as there were wires everywhere downstairs. Anyway - all's good and more tomorrow!

2006-12-27 15:06:55 GMT