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CODY, Entry for December 26, 2006
( includes blog for the 25th) Hi there! Sorry for the delay in the blog for the 25th. It's been SO busy. Cody has just been the sweetest thing. Christmas she was right at the door to greet me - and stretched out on the floor waiting for tummy rubs as soon as I walked in - which she got plenty of. She's so soft and cuddly! Then she led me to the kitchen right away and chowed down on a bit of dinner as soon as I set it down. While she ate, I refreshed the litter, changed her water bowls etc. Then she came out to the diningroom and I gave her a little bit of the hairball medicine which was quite syrupy and got all over my fingers, which she was happy to lick off for me:)) Then we played with her wands and cat dancer. Last night she was again at the door and I gave her the second chicken packet treat which she gobbled up right away and also ate a bit of dinner when I set it down. Her attitude remains very good and she really likes the company and wants lots of pets and tummy rubs. Couldn't ask for a better cat!
2006-12-27 14:55:48 GMT
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Thanks so much for caring for Cody while we were gone -- we got back late last night and
Cody was happy to see us but not nearly as desperate as she seems to get when we've had relatives watch her. (Our relatives aren't really cat people and I don't think they love on like she needs.) I'm glad she was a good girl for you -- thanks again for watching her!
2006-12-28 02:15:50 GMT