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PIPPIN & MERRY, Entry for December 26, 2006
( Includes visit of the 25th ) Hi guys! Sorry for the delay. Coordinating all these kitties had been quite time consuming for the boss here... ANYWAY.. the kids have been great, on the 25th both were out and about, including Merry. Pippin always meets me at the door, then runs excitedly to his scratching post in the kitchen, which tells me he's happy. Merry did the same thing too - which was cute and gratifying. They were extremely busy on Christmas Eve getting all your socks out of your drawers - the one by the bed and the other bottom drawer in the bin against the wall by the window. It's just hilarious. I wonder if it's all Pippin's doing or if they work as a team. haha. Apart from that, they both continue to prefer eating in the bedroom and left a bit a food in the kitchen from the day before. Yesertday ( the 26th ) they were both out again and Pippin was especially cuddly and followed me everywhere. He jumped up on the kitchen counter nuzzling up against the food cans as I prepared lunch and wanted me to carry him all around. He couldn't get enough attention. We played with the sparkly wand and they chased after mice in the diningroom for excercise.  Put the compresses and neosporin on Pippin's chin which he tolerates, but isn't particularly thrilled about. I've tried to feel for bumps on his chin and can't feel much of anything myself, but did the application anyway. I've seen much worse cases of kitty acne, if that's what he has... So we're groovin' along here:))
2006-12-27 14:46:25 GMT