How's My Kitty?
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SULLY, REILLY AND DOTTIE (VISIT) Entry for December 26, 2006
Sully met me at the door again today. What a fantastic little greeter! I found that someone else has been in the apartment since I left yesterday, but it was for the better for the little ones! There was a bag
of kitty toys on the counter and three full bowls of food set out for
the cats. :) I went ahead and fed them anyway, just in case they didn't
like the mystery food set out for them. Let
me know if I need to change my visits due to the recent kitty visitor. After I fed the cats, (none
seemed too hungry), I played with the cat charmer, (the rainbow yarn
one) which Dottie and Reilly really like. Dottie sits up on the kitty
apartment and Reilly down on the floor, both batting at it. Sully is
content to hang out on the couch next to me. These cats are really
content. I bet they are glad they have each other for company while you are away! It love hanging out with these guys! Cheers!
2006-12-27 07:53:29 GMT