How's My Kitty?
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TABITHA (VISIT) Entry for December 26, 2006
Tabitha greeted me at the door again today, and I heard her purring
right away. She is such a happy, sweet cat! I lifted her up for a
quick snuggle, and she purred right in my ear and nuzzled my face.
What a nice way to say hello! Her food bowl was nearly empty, so I
refilled that for her, and got her some fresh water as well. I also
put out a few of her favorite treats - Temptations. Today we also
played a bit with her little mousies - she had "hidden" most of them,
so I went ahead and opened the new package you left behind for her -
thank you! Then we sat on the couch together and I brushed her for a
bit. I spent time just enjoying her company, brushing her, and
scratching behind her ears, since I knew this was my last day with
her. I am sad to say goodbye to this sweetie, so I'll just say, "See
you later" instead, with the hopes I'll get to nanny for her again
somewhere down the road. What a pleasure it's been spending time with
your little sweetie - thanks so much for the opportunity, and I hope
you had a great holiday. Take care and give Tabitha some extra hugs
for me when you get back home!
2006-12-27 07:51:39 GMT