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ISIS AND NAMI (AM AND PM VISITS) Entry for December 25, 2006
I thought Nami had gotten over tipping her food dish, but I guess I was wrong. After a few quick pets to both darlings, I went to clean up her mess! Next I fixed breakfast. Isis went right to eating, while Nami followed me around as if she was trying to apologize. I took out two treats and gave one to Isis right away. Nami then looked at me to give her her treat. I then asked her, "Why do you think you should get a treat? You made a very big messy little girl." I actually think she understood me because right after she made a series of pleading meows. I of course gave in and she happily ate her turkey treat. Isis laid on the rug and watched Nami and I play with the glowing, glittery, ball. Tomorrow I will spend extra time with Isis with the rainbow wand, that really seems to get her going! Hope you had a great holiday!

When I got into today I made sure to lock the door behind me because Nami keeps trying to open it like a cabinet! Don't worry, she won't become an escape while she is with me! I sat down on the futon and both Isis and Nami curled up right next to me to receive pets! I think they were chasing each other a lot today because the just fell right asleep while we were cuddling. Another clue that the were running about was that the rugs in the kitchen were askew again. I even tried to tempt them both with the rainbow wand, which I was going to save until tomorrow, but neither would budge. Sleep cats! Well, at least they will be we rested for play time in the morning! :) Cheers!
2006-12-26 18:21:34 GMT