How's My Kitty?
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LLOYD AND LOLA (VISIT) Entry for December 25, 2006
Lola looks at me with disdain but wants to know what is up with me- I
think she wants to like me but can't bring herself to it. Today she was
closer to playing with me than ever! I was so excited about our progress! I emptied the toy box to see if
anything sparked her attention and a few things did, but not enough to get
her to come over. Lloyd was all about his leather tastle on a string, which was adoarable to watch him play with! He got so excited he chased the
fur ball I puled from the curry comb after I brushed him. He changed his
mind about that pretty quickly but was more playfull than usual. It is great to be able to visit these two lovely kitties! Happy holidays!
2006-12-26 18:10:21 GMT