How's My Kitty?
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NICHOLAS (VISIT) Entry for December 25, 2006
Today your kitty was adorable! We had a funny incident today! I was sitting on the floor, Nicholas was on the table and
while I looked at my kitty-nanny files, he just put a paw one either side
of my head and let me know I need to pay attention to him! How goofy!! There was
lots of brushing today and we played with a little purple ball (he'd knock
it off the table and I'd put it back on and he'd knock it off again.)
He's licking his belly a lot and seems a little irritated. I notice he
suffers from dry skin but has he always taken to licking his lower belly
during play and cuddles? I think he's alright, if his litter is any
indication. I watered the plants and said goodbye (after he carried off my
keys in his mouth when I sat my things on the floor!) What a playful little kitty!! Alls well here!! Cheers!
2006-12-26 18:06:39 GMT