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CHLOE & MIDNIGHT, Entry for December 25, 2006
Once again, Chloe was the social belle, while Midnight kept to himself

under the bed. I crouched down there to give him a treat. And speaking

of treats, yesterday I left the bag of treats on the top of the counter. The bag was sealed, and up at the highest point of the counter, I think, but overnight, the kitties made an attempt to get into it. When I arrived this morning, there was the bag on the kitchen floor with slash marks and chew marks on it. It didn't look like they successfully got at them, but it is possible they got a few. There were still a lot of treats in the bag. So, I put all the treats in a ziplock bag, back in the closet . The cats still seemed

to have an appetite, so I don't think they ate too many .  The cats seemed good this morning, and I had to say goodbye, since their mommy is coming home today! Hope you had a great trip. I enjoyed caring for Midnight and Chloe.
2006-12-26 17:00:43 GMT