How's My Kitty?
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STASSI AND CABOT (VISIT) Entry for December 25, 2006
Stassi was right at the door when I arrived today! He did have a bit of an attempt to make a run for it when I opened the door, but it was unsuccessful! Both kitties were wonderful to be around today! I ended up being able to make a close bond with Cabot, and we became close friends- all because of her
little toy, the feather on a string! I just had to pick it up, ringing the
tiny bell, and then she liked me. When I came in she didn't trust me
one bit, but eventually when we played, I pet her, she relaxed, and Stassi was the odd man out, sitting in the doorway watching us. But that pretty boy isn't
going to get off so easily. He's too beautiful to let him be aloof. Both
cats were mighty frisky and incredibly athletic. I look forward to
seeing them and coming up with new ways to play! Happy holidays!
2006-12-26 08:33:57 GMT