How's My Kitty?
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JASPER AND FUZZ (VISIT) Entry for December 25, 2006
Today was my first visit with Jasper and Fuzz. Both babies was sleeping on the bed when I came in, so I was quiet to not disturb them. Obviously they were very comfortable cause they didn't move from the bed while I was in the apartment. However, I did get a few pets in, so all is well with these two!! Just two little sleepyheads! I cleaned the litter, gave them the dry food and change the water. I found your note on the table about the brush and the comb but they didn't seem to be brush today, I will try again tomorrow. I didn't forget, as well, to fill the glass in the bathroom with fresh water. I will look forward to tomorrow so I can get to know these two! Merry Christmas !!!
2006-12-26 08:22:29 GMT