How's My Kitty?
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ANNA (AM AND PM VISITS) Entry for December 25, 2006
Anna didn't finish her supper once again, but she's eating enough so I
don't worry. She is letting plenty of water in her litter and
everything looks normal. She was talkative this morning and cuddly, meeting me
even before I got in the apartment.She was talkative at first, letting me know she
wanted her water refreshed and her food and all that, but she wasn't
about being pet. She just sat near by and when I tried to pet her, after
about 10 or 15 minutes of it, she let me know she'd rather just sit on
the couch with me. That's alright with me, she is still fantastic company! I bet she will be more ready to play tomorrow, I must have just woken her from a short nap while I was refilling the food. I imagine I'll find her safe and sound tomorrow morning and back to normal. Happy holidays!
2006-12-26 08:16:57 GMT