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JAZZ AND GUINESS (AM AND PM VISITS) Entry for December 25, 2006
Today was my first day with Jazz and Guiness. What beautiful cats !!!
I found Jazz lying on the cat claiming frame in front of the window.
It took me longer to find Guiness, she was hiding behind the armchair. The only part of her body I could see was her tail! She was a little surprise!! While I was preparing their food, I began to talk to them and Jazz came to the kitchen to see what was up. He ate half of his portion, I guess he keep the rest for a afternoon tea !!!Guiness went to the bedroom to find another hiding spot. I think she will eventually get used to me. After a long brush with Jazz, he went back to the place where I found him when I arrived for a little nap. Both babies looked great when I left the apartment. Possibly we wil see more progress tonight!

It took me quite awhile this evening to find the beautiful babies! Tricky guys !!!They know the best hiding places. Jazz was under the sofa and Guiness on the socks rack in the bedroom.Both looked comfortable, so I decided that I wouldn't disturb them.
I prepared their dinner and gave them some fresh water. Although they didn't touch the food or water when I was there, I'm sure that they were just shy and will come right out for dinner later in the evening when they wake up from their naps.
Guiness gave me many purr when I pet him and I must say he has the softest fur I ever touched! He seemed appreciate my company! I hope you are having a great holiday!
2006-12-26 08:14:32 GMT