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CHAIRMAN MEOW & JACK (VISIT) Entry for December 25, 2006
Merry Christmas! Chairman Meow & Jack were very happy to see me on this
Christmas day! Chairman immediately ran onto to the counter as if to
ask "where's dinner?" I noticed their bowls only had a few kibbles left
from the day before, so I knew they were ready to eat. Chairman went after
his food ravenously while Jack played cool saving his for later. Tonight there were no chewed up Christmas tree ornaments so I believe this issue has been solved! Jack really enjoyed being brushed this evening; he rolled on the floor and on his back as I brushed him, loving every minute of it! Chairman looked on with mild enthusiasm. He eventually nudged his way in to get some grooming also. I wished them both a very Merry Christmas & said goodnight. Hope you are having a great Christmas as well!
2006-12-26 07:53:33 GMT