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TIGER LILY AND BAGHERA (VISIT) Entry for December 25, 2006
Tiger Lily and Baghera were doing just fine again today, and were in
their favorite hiding spot when I arrived - under mom's bed. It
doesn't take a whole lot of coaxing though to get them to come out -
the chirping wand toy always seems to do the trick. Baghera came out
first, and was really lovey-dovey, rubbing against my ankles and doing
little half-jumps up to be petted. Tiger Lily poked her nose out too,
and I rubbed the top of her head and behind her ears. But she was
comfortable under the bed, and decided she'd wait till I left to come
out from underneath. Once again, one of the chubby stuffed animals
(chipmunk) was on the floor - guess it gets in the way when a
four-legged critter wants to snuggle on mom's pillow. No worries - I
think it's funny that I put it on the bed every day, only to find on
the floor at my next visit. :-) I changed out the litter for these two
and put fresh food and water out. Then I wished them a Merry Christmas
and promised them that Mom would be home before they knew it. Happy
2006-12-26 07:41:39 GMT