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GRETCHEN ! , Entry for December 24, 2006

Hi there - well.... I had a talk with Laurie yesterday and she said I shouldn't sugar coat my experiences with Gretchen like I did yesterday. She wants me to be honest. .. We're having lots of discussions about her daily. Well, here's the truth about your Baby Tiger:)!!

" Gretchen gave me quite a scare today because she was waiting just on

the other side of the door and did not want to let me in. She was

hissing and growling and doing her best to keep me out! I came in as

slowly as i could and immediately slipped into the office (where I set

down your mail, by the way). Gretchen remained by the door, growling

at me, so I gave her a minute to hopefully calm down. But she didn't want to move, so I grabbed a jacket hanging in the office coat-rack and used it like a bullfighter would use a red cape. I held it down at her level to distract her, so I could get past her without attack. I wanted to get to her treats,

which I knew would pacify her a little. She was not happy when I

walked toward her getting to the kitchen. Like yesterday, she lunged

at me, swiping paws and growling away, but I made it to the kitchen

unscathed and grabbed the treats. As soon as I threw a few her way,

she was ok to let me be - so I could fill her bowl and water and clean

her litter. I actually took the treats home with me this time so when

I enter the apartment tomorrow, it won't be as scary! I will offer her

a treat asap. She is a challenging cat, but I think I can survive! :-) Laurie laughs everyday at my phone reports...  " Good ole Gretchen! "

2006-12-25 21:02:18 GMT