How's My Kitty?
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BRUNO & GOLDIE, Entry for December 24, 2006

Bruno and Goldie are so cute I can't stand it!! They were right in the livingroom greeting me when I arrived and hung out while I re-read all their and the house instructions.  We went to their room to refresh the food which was mostly spilled all over their placemat - guess you filled their bowls pretty full before you left:)) So tidied everything all up for them. Then we head downstairs to the litter boxes and they supervised all the activity. When I took the tops off they immediately started playing with them. This is an old Cat Nanny trick - a cheap and fun new playhouse. Well... they were so wrapped up in dating in and out of the box tops that they didn't follow me back up the stairs to check on the poinsettias, Christmas tree ( was fine, up to the line) and fish, who got their big pinch of food.  As previously discussed before leaving, I found blood in the stool today. So let me know what you and the vet have decided to do about that.

Other than that, the kids were really friendly, let me pick them up and all's well here.

2006-12-25 20:55:58 GMT