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ISIS AND NAMI (AM AND PM VISITS) Entry for December 24, 2006
Both girls were upstairs this morning, but as soon as I came in they both ran down the stairs. Well, Nami ran and Isis tried to get down as fast as she could! I think All the exercise Isis is getting with me is doing her good! I think I can already see a difference, but maybe it's just wishful thinking. :) Today Nami and I played with the red and blue mini tennis ball. I bounced it on the floor and then rolled it into her tummy. Then she took all four of her paws and enclosed the ball as if it were trying to get away! Then we played a game if "Keep Away" with the ball! I would try to take the ball from Nami and vice versa. Isis looked at us like as was just "too cool" for us and gave herself a bath. Next visit...DINNER TIME! :)

Little Nami was at the door this time and I made sure to be extra careful not to let her escape! I cannot believe how smart she is! Isis and Nami were being so good and snuggly today I gave them extra turkey treats. :) I sat down on the futon and Isis jumped right up to sniff my face all over, then she gave me kisses on my hand! I think the two of them appreciated the extra companionship time this morning. Nami and I played with the feather and bell wand for a long time. Isis decided she wanted in on the fun, got a running start, and completely missed the feather! She slid all the way into the kitchen. She didn't hit any walls or anything, but she was pretty stunned at what had happen! These two are just a barrel of laughs! Cheers!
2006-12-25 08:32:25 GMT