How's My Kitty?
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KAILANI (AM AND PM VISITS) Entry for December 24, 2006
Princess Kailani sure did meow my ear off today. She just wanted to talk and talk today! We followed our daily routine (which I will miss so much!) and it was if she was trying to say, "How was your day? What did you do last night? Why are you earlier than normal?" After she was done questioning me, she curled up around my shoulder while we cleaned the litter. I looked all over for her extra food today, but could not find it! I looked at the drawer left of the sink, but it wasn't there. She should have enough food until you guys get back, so don't worry! We played "Catch the Kibble" on last time, and then I was off. I can't believe tonight is our last visit together!

Kailani is still doing great! I think she sensed that today was our last day because she kept begging me to stay! We played with the laser pointer for about a half a hour today. We played a little game of "hide and seek" with the laser pointer! I would let Kailani chase it around for a bit, then make the laser "disappear" into the keyhole in the front door. Every time it went away she stared at the keyhole and chirped until it came back. I'm pretty sure I fixed it. I added some of the Gorilla Glue to the inside and put it in one of the candle holders to keep it in place. I hope you guys had a wonderful trip, I know I had a wonderful time with Kailani!
2006-12-25 08:21:29 GMT