How's My Kitty?
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KATIE (AM AND PM VISITS)Entry for December 24, 2006
Katie was very chipper this morning and did not seem ill at all,
despite the very minor vomiting incident last night. She actually ate
all of her wet food and all of her dry food. She also kept pouncing on
the stuffed fish toy and playing with him again. She really likes that
toy! I got her to follow the charmer around for a bit, and then she
settled on the sofa for some relaxation. After I visited her, Nanny
Laurie told me to quit using the food she ate just before she vomited,
so when I went back in the evening, I disposed of the remaining can
and opened a new one of a different brand. (I left you a note telling
you which brand caused the problem). I will continue to avoid that
brand. Katie seemed good this evening, eating almost all her food and
being lively and social with me. She sat on my lap some and was very
2006-12-25 08:17:41 GMT