How's My Kitty?
Welcome travelling parents! Check here daily to see what your little ones are up to!
ATTICUS (AM AND PM VISITS) Entry for December 24, 2006
Atticus was especially restless this morning and as usual tried to jet
out the door when I entered and exited the apartment. Before I left, I
tried to distract him by opening the blinds so he could look out the
window. He looked for a minute, then hid under the couch watching me
open the door and immediately darted for the opening. But of course, I
know his tricks, so he didn't get out! He gave it a good try though!
He meowed a lot this morning so I tried to play more active games with
him. I got him interested in the cat toy/cat scratching post, which I
haven't been able to do before. He just loves to stalk and attack
moving objects, so it was good for him.

In the evening, he took his
pill easily and was very active. He continued to play with the cat
charmer extension on the scratching post. He would run all the way
from the kitchen to get at it (I was swinging it back and forth). The food, water and litter are all doing quite well! Hope you are having a great trip!
2006-12-25 08:15:50 GMT