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MIDNIGHT AND CHLOE (VISIT) Entry for December 24, 2006
These beauties were much braver today and came out to meet me. Well,
Chloe did most of the socializing, but Midnight was eventually lured
out from under the bed. Chloe was excited when I came in the apt, and
followed me to her food bowl and pawed at me as if to say, "hey give
me a treat!" She was very sweet and cute and we played with the cat
charmer. She is quite active! After she got bored of the charmer, I
sat on the couch, hoping Midnight would come out. Meanwhile, Chloe
jumped up on my lap and let me pet her alot. Finally midnight came
out, but only to eat. He kept his distance and then became interested
in my coat, which was hanging over one of the bar stools. He was
sniffing at it, so Chloe went over to have a sniff too and then she
batted and hissed at Midnight! Midnight was unphased and continued
exploring the coat, so Chloe backed off. They were both sniffing
around and then my cell phone in the coat pocket started ringing,
sending them both packing for the bedroom hiding place again! I hope
it didn't stress them out to much, and I have to admit, it really made
me laugh! Both cats seem to eat most of their food, by the way, and
their moods seem great. Looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow! Hope you are having a fantastic holiday!
2006-12-25 08:07:38 GMT