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FRODO AND AMELIA (VISIT) Entry for December 24, 2006
Whoosh!!! What was that blur?? I just saw a flash of white and brown -

but here comes a little black and white fellow with the cutest little

pink nose to say hello - it's Frodo! And the white and brown blur was

his sidekick, Amelia, who didn't make her presence known much during

my visit, except to come out and inspect the food. I had a nice time

with both of these kitties - although Amelia mainly kept to herself.

But Frodo was extremely friendly, and let me pet him and play with him

a bit. He really gets a kick out of the squeaky badger toy, that's for

sure. These two had empty food bowls when I arrived, and there was

also a small hairball near the door, but all seemed well. I refilled

their food (wet and dry), and Frodo ate most of the wet, since Amelia

was still a little hesitant to come out. She did get a few nibbles in

though, and seemed content to finish off with the dry. Also, just an

fyi that the litterbox had seen a lot of action (both in and outside

the box), so I cleaned everything up and flushed the #2s down the

toilet, per your instructions. I played a bit more with Frodo - what a

energetic little guy he is - but Amelia decided she felt safer in the

bedroom. Am looking forward to spending more time with these two

tomorrow - hope you are enjoying the holidays!
2006-12-25 08:01:09 GMT