How's My Kitty?
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KOLA AND MIKESCH (VISIT) Entry for December 24, 2006
Before I entered, I saw a little kitty face in the window! It was Kola
waiting for me to come & play! As soon as I opened the door both
Mikesch and Kola darted out into the enclosed patio to greet me. After
we had said our initial greetings we all made our way back to the
kitchen to start the daily chores. Both kitties frolicked and jumped
around, dashed here and pranced there as I was filling the food bowls,
changing water bowls & cleaning the litter boxes. After this we all
relaxed in the living room & played with several toys, the favorite
tonight being, you guessed it, the bulgy-eyed quivering toy! They
can't get enough of this one! I also found a wand toy with a long tail
that Mikesch especially enjoyed batting around. After a good brushing
for each I bid farewell to the pair until tomorrow. Hope you are having a great holiday!
2006-12-25 08:00:06 GMT